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Redakcyjne TOP 6

Piotrek Dorosiński

  1. KHORUMI advance
  2. KŁY Dyptyk
  3. GHOUL <<Live In The Flesh>>
  4. UNLEASHED <<No Sign of Life>>
  5. CONDEMNATION <<The Fall of Lucipher>>
  6. DECEASED <<Thrash Times at Ridgemond High>>


  1. BAXAXAXA <<The Catacomb Cult>>
  2. NECROMANTIA <<To the Depths We Descend>>
  3. SIJJIN<<Sumerian Promises>>
  4. EXTREME COLD WINTER <<World Exit>>
  5. HOODED MENACE <<The Tritonus Bell>>
  6. VENEFIXION <<A Sigh from Below>>


  1. MICHAEL GIRA <<Drainland>>
  2. PRIMUS <<Sailing the Seas of Cheese>>
  3. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE <<Villains>>
  4. PSYCHIC TV <<Greyhounds of the Future vs … >>
  5. RECONDITE <<Dwell>>


  1. THE STONE <<Kosturnice>>
  2. LVCIFYRE <<The Broken Seal>>
  3. RIVERS LIKE VEINS <<The Hidden Portals>>
  4. OFERMOD <<Mysterium Iniquitatis>>
  5. HELSTAR <<Nosferatu>>
  6. SENTENCED – wszystko jak leci


  1. IRON MAIDEN <<Senjutsu>>
  2. DEVATHORN/INFERNO <<Zos Vel Thagirion>>
  3. KATAVASIA <<Magnus Venator>>
  4. DANSE MACABRE <<Totentanz>>
  5. RAGE <<Unity>>
  6. NECRONOMICON <<Invictus>>


  1. CARCASS <<Torn Arteries>>
  2. WRATH DIVISION <<Barbed Wire Veins>>
  3. DEMONIC TEMPLE <<Through the Stars into the Abyss>>
  4. LECH JANERKA <<Ur>>
  5. DARK ANGEL <<Time Does Not Heal>>
  6. BEYOND TIME <<Through the Vastness of the Universe>>

Mateusz Żyła

  1. ARETHA FRANKLIN <<Aretha Sings the Blues>>
  2. GRAVEYARD <<Hisingen Blues>>
  3. HAYDAMAKY <<Mickiewicz – Stasiuk – Haydamaky>>
  4. MERCYFUL FATE <<Time>>
  5. DIMMU BORGIR <<Stormblast>>
  6. WAYFARER <<A Romance With Violence>>

Paweł Drabarek

  1. IRON MAIDEN <<Senjutsu>>
  2. SATYRICON <<The Age of Nero>>
  3. PESTILENCE <<Consuming Impulse>>
  4. PANOPTICON <<…and Again Into the Light>>
  5. BRUJERIA <<Raza Odiada>>
  6. WILCO <<The Whole Love>>

Wojciech “Diovis” Szymański

  1. THE SLOW DEATH <<Siege>>
  2. VOMIT RITUAL <<Callous>>
  3. VINCENT CROWLEY – Beyond Acheron>>
  4. FETID ZOMBIE <<Transmutations>>
  5. THE CURE <<Bloodflowers>>
  6. TORCHURE <<Beyond the Veil>>

Morbid Marcin

  1. MARDUK <<Panzer Division Marduk>>
  2. DESASTER <<Churches without saints>>
  3. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM <<Primordial Arcana>>
  4. HOODED MENACE <<The Tritonus Bell>>
  5. TEMPLE OF DREAD <<Hades Unleashed>>
  6. WHITE WARD <<Debemur Morti>>

Łukasz Radecki

  1. NAPALM DEATH <<Scum>>
  2. LIVIDITY <<Fetish for the Sick>>
  3. ARCHGOAT <<Heavens Ablaze>>
  4. CARCASS <<Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious>>
  5. PARADISE LOST <<The Plaque Within>>
  6. MAYHEM <<Chimera>>


  1. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM <<Primordial Arcana>>
  2. DARKTHRONE <<Eternal Hails……>>
  3. NOCTAMBULIST <<Noctambulist I: Elegieën>>
  4. DJEVEL <<Tanker som rir natten>>
  5. SETH <<La Morsure du Christ>>
  6. DEPARTURE CHANDELIER <<Antichrist Rise to Power>>